Grinding Z steppers

  • Hi,

    I've had my Duet Wifi up and running for a couple of weeks now and decided to print an enclosure for the board. I also chose to extend some of the wiring to provide a bit more room and flexibility for the enclosure placement.

    Anyway, since this bit of work my Z steppers are not working at all (cartesian printer with two z steppers). I've double checked the wiring but when I submit a G1 Z1 F6000 S2 command I get a horrible grinding from both stepper motors and nothing happens.

    Any ideas?

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    Could be a damaged wire on the stepper plug. I've had that before. Use a multimeter to do a continuity test on each wire of your plugs. Could be a break.

    Did you change the stepper current?

    Is the Z axis aligned? If it got out of alignment it could be binding.

  • Cheers, I did have a connectivity issue as you guessed. Fixed that now but still happening. I think I may now have a couple of wires in the wrong place. Will check on that when I get a minute to take a look

    I changed no settings so the stepper current is the same as before.

    Yeah, I have some calibration posts I use to ensure the Z axis is aligned and the Z axis moves freely when the motors are off

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    Happy to help

  • All working now, thanks again

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