Custom Cartesian I3 style printer

  • Hey,

    So i've been into this designing stuff for a couple months and i'm actually starting a business with CAD/3d printing in my area. I'm located in Quebec, Canada an hour east of Montreal.

    This is the second machine i've designed. I've built the first one and i'm currently building the 2nd one with little design upgrade. I've really inspired myself with the Prusa I guess. Specs are as follow :

    -300x300x300 print area
    -12V supply for duet/hotend/fans/drivers
    -24V supply for heat bed
    -1/4in aluminum tooling plate bed
    -Mosfet for heater bed
    -450w 24v silicon heater
    -Titan aero extruder (will soon be changed to nimble/dyzend-x)
    -12mm rod and press fit LM12LUU
    -Z endstop used as levelling (nozzle hits the mechanical end stop)
    -changeable glass surface with PEI on top
    -single motor Z with belt drive
    -drive motor mount slotted for easy adjustments.

    Planned upgrades are :
    -Zesty Nimble extruder
    -Dyzend-X hot-end
    -Liquid cooled hot-end
    -Igus X and Y bearings
    -BLTouch bed probe

    Things I like
    -it's rock solid
    -it's easy to assemble (sheet metal makes it super easy)
    -no adjustments needed (just get that Z square at first and it's good)
    -it's inexpensive (under 800$CAN in parts)
    -it's super accurate (getting constantly in 0.07mm tolerances on all axes)

    Things I don't like
    -it's slow due to the big bed
    -the probing with the nozzle is not that reliable
    -i can't make a "bigger" one following the same design

    Here are some pictures of the machine a couple of weeks ago, some of the components, overall design and also my soon to be installed nimble/dyzend-x upgrade

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    That's a nice solid looking build. Good luck with your business. Nice to see a fellow canadian printer around. 😉

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