Use E1 to drive z motor for timelapse camera on delta…

  • Hello all,

    I'm looking to drive a stand-alone z-axis with a webcam mounted for a time-lapse idea that I have. Since it's on a delta printer, I'm not sure exactly how to go about this with a delta. I might be over thinking it, but I just thought I'd ask the forum to see if anyone has any insight.

    Thank you much - Luke

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    One possibility would be to configure a U axis using M584. Then in your slicer layer change script, have it move the U axis to the Z position of the new layer.

    Another possibility would be to add a new kinematics class to the firmware, derived from class LinearDeltaKinematics and adding code to make the U axis track the Z coordinate automatically.

  • Dave, thank you much for the informative reply. I like the layer change script idea to start.

    Wasn't sure how best to approach this and you nailed it. Thanks dgajn,


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