Odd error - Error: M32: GCode file "***************" not found

  • Tried sending this file to the printer https://1drv.ms/u/s!Apv79JfGbPIwg512K3aUAox1v3sRng

    It's a delta running on a duet wifi with1.21 FW, Wifi and DWC.

    I get

    M32 "0:/gcodes/Large Kossel_Maker's Muse Torture Egg.gcode"
    Error: M32: GCode file "0:/gcodes/Large Kossel_Makers Muse Torture Egg.gcode" not found

    After sending the file using the "upload & print" button in DWC. Same if I upload it then select it for printing, and the same if I remove the SD card, write the file on a PC, then reinsert the card and select it for printing.

    From the same slicer (same settings exactly) I also generated a small cube gcode https://1drv.ms/u/s!Apv79JfGbPIwg513GGwuquUMO8BrDQ
    This file uploads and begins printing immediately.

    Any ideas?

  • Try to shorten the file name .

  • Yes I just did and it works thanks, however, I have printed files with much longer names, only struggling with really long filenames. Has something changed in this FW release?

  • It is probably the apostrophe or underscore

  • I'm gonna go with the apostrophe.

  • administrators

    RRF uses apostrophe to indicate that the following character should be lower case. This is to allow WiFi passwords to be sent using senders such as Pronterface that convert everything to uppercase. So DWC would need to double up the apostrophe when sending the filename. However, as filenames are not case sensitive, I think it would be more sensible to apply that apostrophe rule only to SSIDs and passwords. I'll consider making this change in the next release. Meanwhile I suggest you avoid using apostrophes in filenames.

  • I saw this same problem after updating my Duet Web Control to v1.21. The error message is:

    M32 "0:/gcodes/Spider.gcode"
    GCode file ""0:/gcodes/Spider.gcode"" not found
    Ffiled to open file "0:/gcodes/Spider.gcode"

    In the second line it's adding an additional pair of quotation marks. It's not a long file name, and there are no special characters in the file name.

    For the time being I have gone back to Web Control v1.14-b4, and everything is fine. Also running firmware version 1.17RC3 (2016-12-21) on a 0.85 board.

  • You used 1.17 firmware with Web Control v1.21? Well I don't think this is a good idea.

  • administrators


    You used 1.17 firmware with Web Control v1.21? Well I don't think this is a good idea.

    Yes, that's the reason.


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