Height maps with large Z offsets

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    A few users have reported getting G29 height maps that show a large overall Z offset. Until today, the only cause of this that I was aware of was using an endstop switch to do Z homing, where the Z height after homing wasn't quite what the firmware was told in the homing file or the M208 settings.

    Today I had an instance of a Z-displaced height map on one of my printers that uses the Z probe for homing, after I temporarily changed the bed surface to one that gave a different trigger height. The error persisted after multiple G29 attempts.

    The way I resolved it was:

    • send G92 S2 G29 S2 to clear the height map
    • home Z
    • run G29. This generated a sensible height map.

    Sending G92 S2 G29 S2 before homing Z was critical to avoid perpetuating the error in the new height map. I can see now that when the printer is Z-homed using the Z probe, the height map should be re-normalised to the new Z probe trigger point. I will implement this in the next firmware version.

  • Nice, I thought I was going mad…I doesn't hapens always but yes I saw the heightmap influencing the homing and then the first G29 poit would already be off

  • I feel like I might have ran into a similar issue. My printer uses bltouch and I use it for homing and mesh leveling. My heightmap was giving me a ~0.7mm difference yet I’m using a perfectly flat mic6 aluminum plate.

    If I probe at 10,10 then lift nozzle 5mm and move to 10,280 (where it’s supposed to be 0.7mm lower) And lower the nozzle at 0, i get the same distance from the bed at both point.

  • @dc42:

    • send G92 S2 to clear the height map

      Sending G92 S2 before homing Z was critical

    Sorry David just checking something…

    G92 = Set position - no S parameter in current G code documentation pages
    G29 S2 = detailed Z probe, S2 = clear height map

    Did you mean the G29 S2 ? Or is my own dyslexia confusing me?
    Also how does [the one you meant] compare to M561 = Set Identity Transform


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    You are right, it was a typo. Should be G29 S2.

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