Pause and Resume, print resumes too high?

  • Hello,

    When i pause my print, then resume it, it seems like the print resumes just a little high. High enough so that there is poor bonding between the layer before the pause and the layer after the pause. The outer lines seem to be bonded just enough while the infill is like strings i can move, but close to the print. Subsequent layers print as expected on top of the loose one.

    Im not sure what the issue is, I've never experiences this before? Its kind of a pain because i'm one roll into a print right now!


    M83 ; relative extruder moves
    G1 E-4 F2500 ; retract 4mm
    G91 ; relative moves
    G1 Z5 F5000 ; raise nozzle 2mm
    G90 ; absolute moves
    G1 X0 Y85 F5000 ; move head out of the way of the print


    ; Resume macro file
    G1 R1 Z2 F5000 ; move to 2mm above resume point
    G1 R1 ; lower nozzle to resume point
    M83 ; relative extruder moves
    G1 E4 F2500 ; undo the retraction

  • It looks like in pause.g you raise the nozzle 5mm (you have 2mm in your comment) and when you resume, your resume.g only moves 2mm in the Z direction. This gives you a 3mm relative difference.

  • administrators

    Your resume.g file is out of date, you should add parameters X0 Y0 to both G1 R1 commands.


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