IR sensor vs Smart Effector

  • I'm planning to try out the TMC StallGuard functionality for my big delta and bought a smart effector for the probe(do home and probe each print since they're long prints anyway) But I was curious if the IR sensor is worth really installing over the Smart Effector built in? I bought an IR sensor before I got the Smart Effector but planned to use it to upgrade another old printer instead so was kinda curious about how well they compare.

  • Found this which makes it seem like the effector is more accurate but thought I was reading through some documentation that made the IR seem like an upgrade.

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    The differential IR sensor works well on most opaque bed surfaces, but when it is used with a transparent bed surface such as glass or PEI then the trigger height may not be consistent over the bed. Also it is sensitive to varying effector tilt, which is a common problem on deltas, because it is offset from the nozzle. So the Smart Effector is a better solution.

    I invented both, so I don't mind which you buy!

  • Good deal, I'll put the IR sensor on the Cartesian I'm upgrading then that has a solid bed, works out well.

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