Repeated messages from firmware.

  • Anyone seen an issue with messages being repeated over and over again?

    It seems that after a full restart, the first few messages are repeated over and over again any time the firmware attempts to say anything. See photo for an example.

    This is becoming a larger issue as I am unable to auto tune now because the messages with the info from the tuning are just the same messages that are repeating.

    I was able to use the PanelDue to see and commit the autotune settings via M500. So this appears to be a Web Interface issue primarily.

  • Do you have logging enabled?

    M929: Start/stop event logging to SD card

    P"filename" The name of the file to log to. Only used if the S1 parameter is present. A default filename will be used if this parameter is missing.
    Sn S1 = start logging, S0 = stop logging

    M929 P"eventlog.txt" S1 ; start logging to file eventlog.txt
    M929 S0 ; stop logging
    When event logging is enabled, important events such as power up, start/finish printing and (if possible) power down will be logged to the SD card. Each log entry is a single line of text, starting with the date and time if available, or the elapsed time since power up if not. If the log file already exists, new log entries will be appended to the existing file.

    Caution: do not rename or delete the current log file while logging is enabled!

  • administrators

    That can happen if you had two devices using DWC on the same printer, then one of them went to sleep without disconnecting. In firmware 2.0 alpha this is mitigated to the extent that the messages will stop after 8 seconds. However, I don't advise using the 2.0alpha firmware for regular use yet.

  • RE: Multiple devices using DWC - OK, that probably it, as I have multiple machines monitoring print status via DWC. Will drop to one in the meantime. Thanks Dave!


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