Testing repaired VSSA fuse

  • I have got the early version of Duet Wifi which I have blown the VSSA fuse.
    Since I am now rebuilding the printer, I have bought and fitted a self-resetting fuse along with the 10K resistor as per the instructions from the wiki
    The thermistor is now showing correct readings.

    How can I test the fuse and firmware warning "safely? Since I believe I would need to physically short something to trigger them, I don't want to fry my board.

  • administrators

    I can't think of a way to test them that is super safe. I tested them by shorting VSSA to +24V (see the later part of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyWolKFzb-A)), but I don't have to worry if I blow up a Duet. So I suggest that you don't test them.

    One think you can check is the Duet version returned when you send M115 or is displayed in the Settings/General page of DWC. If the 10K resistor is wired correctly, it should say that you have a Duet version 1.02 or later, even though your board is earlier than that.

  • Thanks. I will leave the fuse as is and check the version when I get home.


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