UK source for larger PEI sheet

  • Hi folks, I want to try PEI for my new printer, but all the UK sources seem to do a maximum of CR-10 size of 12"x12". My print bed will be in the region of 400x400, I generally don't mind ordering from China if there is some believable feedback on quality, but I've heard quite a few stories of textured polycarbonate being sold as PEI. As I intend to print polycarbonate, that could potentially end badly. So I was wondering if anyone had experience with sourcing oversized PEI in the UK or possibly EU, and what is the recommended thickness to go for? I'd like to mount it on some flexible magnetic steel sheet ideally.

  • I've used this before it works fairly well. Quite sensitive to first layer height but adheres well with abs/pla/petg.

  • Thanks, is that specifically polyetherimide? Sorta wanted to see what all the fuss is about.

  • I don't think he is letting on what the sheet is made from but it prints quite well. I suspect its PEI or certainly contains some, as prints can be very difficult to remove if the temps are on the higher side, or you squash down the first layer much.

  • Another vote for AndOrNot. I've just replaced my black Printbite with it as the Printbite was causing some of my PLA filaments to reject it like oil and water. I have PEI on my second printer and as far as I can tell they work very much the same.


  • Interesting, it's reasonable price for such a large size, Lokbuild and the like get expensive at larger sizes, might have to give it a go, thank you both.


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