Facebook Group created for DIY Kossel Delta XL / XXL / Smart Effector

  • @Biggsis:

    Thanks for you nice words, I don't think, that I ever insulted people, but of course I will ALWAYS discourage people from using any kind of mains in their printer. I (and most of the others) am a friend of SAFETY and precaution. And in most countries you are legally not allowed to mess with mains anyway, so that should be avoided in your printer too. My 2 cents. You don't like this safety measures, well, there is no obligation to join the group

    Still everyone is free to join the group, even if (as a trained electronics engineer) I will always recommend low voltage (12V /24V) heatbed solutions…. 🙂

    My Words were very SPECIFIC I used the word "Berated" I NEVER SAID "insulted", the main provable problem that others also commented on, was the manner in which YOU berated anyone for TALKING about the subject which to many of us was a form of censorship. And while voltage is certainly a killer, even a 9v battery can kill you.

    The better method instead of jumping on people for even discussing the topic (which is akin to sticking your head in the sand) would be education would it not ? As a Chartered engineering educator I naturally advocate education.

    The current outlook would be similar to telling people to never get out of bed as anything and everything around you can kill you.

    With the proper safety precautions, care & Respect for 110/240 it CAN be handled SAFELY.

  • @Biggsis:

    (as a trained electronics engineer) I will always recommend low voltage (12V /24V) heatbed solutions…. 🙂

    This leads me to the question of why if you are as you say "as a trained electronics engineer" have you one more than one occasion managed to destroy even low voltage electronics ?

    Case in point :https://www.duet3d.com/forum/thread.php?id=2187

    And again : https://www.duet3d.com/forum/thread.php?id=5007

    To be brutally honest that shows a distinct lack of due diligence when interacting with electronics.

    I'm a trained mechanical engineer with a personal interest in electronics and i cant remember the last time i blew a component through negligence.

    Not trying to have a go just trying to understand the methodology & thinking you employ, as a supposedly trained professional.

  • Oh sorry, I did not know, that this thread turned into a tribunal regarding me personally, where I have to defend myself, your honor.

    • There have been legal cases (in the US), where admins have been in fact sued for not warning people about some dangers using and assembling certain dangerous things. All the measures taken by admins (not me alone) are precautions regarding legal issues.

    • 1st Mosfet on the Duet was blown by a short of a chinese fan and according to David was not preventable by me.

    • 2nd Smart effector destroyed LED was really my fault, as I clearly wrote in my posting, but slipping with a screw driver has to my knowledge nothing to do with my skills as an electronics engineer. I was able to repair that effector with a spare LED

    And we will let a duet forum admin decide, if your comments are a bit more than just "brutally honest". There must be a reason, why you delete your own postings…

  • I to am a trained Electronics engineer (Was also trained in Mechanical and electrical before that) and TBH Brutal I have worked on DC Stuff that is infinitely more dangerous to ones health than 240V AC.

    Also Henri how the hell would you go about running a 650mm diameter heater with 0.5 W/cmˆ2 power density from 12 or even24 Volts. So one rule does not fit all circumstances.

    Just saying and not actually getting involved in any arguments or such.

    AC Bed heaters on a delta are not an issue as everything is under the bed and can be protected easily you just need to make sure the AC Cct is protected by a high sensitivity RCD and that everything that you can come into contact with physically is grounded (RCD in the states I think are usually called a GFI)

  • Well, as said many times before, if you know, what you are doing, then feel free to do so, I can anyway not prevent anyone from doing so.

    The majority of users are not trained professionals though, and in my real life, a part of my job is to check and inspect electrical / electronic installations in companies who should know better. And there I have seen many life endangering things, you would not believe. Maybe not everyone who "thinks" is capable of dealing with mains, really is. if a "real man" can ever admit that.

    And visiting people in a hospital, who have been seriously injured and burned by assembling and using these "installations" is not funny either.

    I don't have (and never had) a problem with trained, certified professionals building professional and well grounded mains assemblies, But then again, you have to know, what you are doing and its just not enough to just connect the 2 wires from the chinese heat pad to the mains SSR. Most installations I have seen never made it beyond that point though….

    Oh, and just for the record: I am currently in the progress of building a CoreXY printer for a customer with a bed size of 800x800mm and I HAVE to use DC (48V) for this one, since the customer has equipment nearby sensitive to the 50 Hz hum, so go figure...

  • Thats going to be one huge PSU and Mosfet need to power that thing didn't say it was impossible just not as easy.

    I too have seen when things go wrong and it aint pretty and one of the PSU's I was trained on was 16kV at 5 amps DC that can get very scary very quickly

  • The heatbed of this printer will be devided in 4 square parts with 4 heatbeds 400x400mm each, and each powered by its own PSU. Like this you dont need to heat the complete bed, when printed parts are smaller. And since the bed will not move, instead the XY gantry will move, the challenge is doable…

  • FYI...many people are deleting their FB accounts due to the fact that FB sells their profile data to..well...anyone who has the ca$h, including the police, Human Resources authorities and tax agencies of the world.

    Something to consider...

  • administrators

    Personally, I've never seen the point of Facebook groups when there are plenty of non-profit-making forums around for discussing 3D printers. I don't have a facebook account, and in the light of recent revelations I won't be getting one.

    Google sells my data too, but at least they provide me with valuable free services such as online translation, online document sharing, and satnav with traffic data.

  • I don't like the behaviour of FB too, but on the other hand, I would not have so many customers without FB.
    The thing with non profit discussion groups is, that commercial interests are often not tolerated there.
    And you have a business too, David, and without us FB nerds, who shamelessly promote and advertise YOUR (and other good) products too in our several groups, you would sell a lot less Duets. Alone your german dealer sold dozens of Duet Wifi alone in the last few weeks by recommendation in our german FB group. Like it or not, that is a fact too, no matter that Zuckerberg makes profit with our data. Thats because the majority of people (and our customers) uses FB the most and they prefer it over other communication platforms.
    Whatever you personally think of FB, it still helps keeping YOUR business going too. And that goes for many small companies / start ups, who would sell a lot less without FB.
    I am in my sixties (old fashined too) and still prefer other ways of communication, but I have to live with the things, that a bunch of other people use on a day to day base, if I want to keep my business going...

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