Annoying popup on the webinterface?

  • everytime the machine changes something i get this annoying message poping up. is it possible to disable?
    and it always mention the older print in the
    (I) Finished printing file 0:/gcodes/switch_mount.gcode, print time was 0h 49m
    file o:/gcodes/3DBenchy.gcode selected for printing.
    it´s popup now and then often when speed, fan or extruder settings are changed. so when i have verible settings on the fan that messange bombards my screen.

  • Have you been switching between using a PC and a smartphone to view the DWC?

  • administrators

    This is partly fixed in the 2.0 alpha release. As Phaedrus says, it is triggered by using DWC from two or more devices and one of them going to sleep without disconnecting first.


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