IP Cam settings stored in browser?

  • So I have set up a Sannce I21AG IP cam and managed to get it all working in DWC (including fixing the port number so it doesn't change every time you turn the thing off!)
    Very happy with the result however when I try to access the DWC on any other computer the URL for the IP cam is missing or is kept at whatever it was the last time i used that device. Is this normal behaviour? Does this mean I have to enter the URL every time i open DWC in a new computer?

  • administrators

    At this point, yes DWC settings are stored client side however Christian has implemented storing the settings on the Duet so that they can move to new clients. This is implemented in his latest Beta, but that is still under testing so use at your own risk:


    moved this to the DWC wishlist section.

  • No problem for me Ill just input the URL on all the devices I usually use. Thanks for the helpful response.


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