TITANXY - Custom CoreXY Fixed Bed 3D printer

  • I have been building, rebuilding, testing and tweaking a 3D printer design for a year. it is based on Openbuilds Vslot extrusions. What makes this printer unique is that the Core XY gantry moves up and down and the print bed is completely fixed.

    It uses 4 acme screws to lift the corexy gantry and steppers, this is powered by one Nema 23 Stepper
    Build volume is 300x300x300

    I will post more information about this setup when I get some time


  • Hey nice I like it using a titan extruder as well how do you like the titan extruder it's on my wanted list and please keep us/ me me updated love the design looks very professional

  • Titan Extruder has been working really well. Im using a very small nema 17 to drive it (not same as in video) without issue., only issue i have with it. is that if it runs out of filament during a print. hard to insert a new roll as a piece of the old filament remains., need to partially disassemble the unit to load.. so dont let it run out basically lol and save yourself the trouble

  • I don't have that problem with any of my three E3D Titans. In fact, that's how I change filament - just snip the old one close to the extruder then shove the new one in and extrude until it purges the old filament through. I've had problems in the past with my Diamond hot end getting one input blocked when I've retracted all the old filament so that's why I do it this way. Having said that, I did once have a problem changing filament this way with translucent PLA which goes brittle and snaps into tiny pieces which can turn sideways just below hobbed bolt and prevent the new filament from going down the Bowden tube, but that could happen with any extruder.

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