Duex servo/aux amperage and other general servo Qs

  • Hi, I'm just curious what the maximum amperage I can run through the board for servos and the aux outputs.

    Is it a big deal to leave a hobby servo powered for days on end?

    I also had the idea to use the extra fan outputs to be able to control the power to my servos.

    If I can get away with not running an extra voltage regulator that would be great. But if I do, I would tie the positives to the board for reference right?

  • administrators

    The 5V regulator is rated at 2A total. The Duet WiFi mostly draws around 0.3A but that rises briefly to around 0.8A during WiFi transmissions. So at this point you have 1.2A available. If you have a PanelDue a that draws 5V power too. The original 7" one draws nearly 0.7A.

    If you power a servo from the Duet, connect a 220uF capacitor between +5V and ground. This is to contain the spike that is generated when the servo decelerates suddenly, dumping power into the 5V rail.

  • I don't think you should wire the positives together but gnd


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