Can you swap stepper motor rotors?

  • hello.

    I recently wanted to change the stepper motor in my z-axis because i found out that the motor is not a good match for the duet, and is also underpowered. (1.4 amps and 4.7v). I purchased i new stepper rated at about 2.8 amps and 2.5volts, however, the rotor on the old stepper has a pin through the shaft in order to turn a worm gear. The new stepper does not have this. I might be able to drill a hole, but that is difficult. I took the stepper motors apart, and it seems like can just swap the rotors out. (it looks like it fits).

    Will it work? Both motors are 1.8 degree motors and NEMA23….

  • administrators

    If the rotors are exactly the same diameter and look identical then it might work.


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