Missing bolt!

  • Should be going to bed now but thought this might make some folk laugh and hopefully you can relate to it..

    So I was just installing a couple of z axis stabilisers into my i3 plus which required me to remove the top gantry from the printer.
    Just as I was taking out the last bolt I dropped it; I heard it bounce a couple of times and it sounds like it landed inside something.

    Could I find the darn thing - could I heck! I looked absolutely everywhere.

    And I mean everywhere; I took the entire printer apart concerned that it had landed in some electronics or mechanical parts. I could not find it anywhere. I double-checked all the dangerous places (power supply, duet-wifi housing) and thought I'd switch it on and check that the printer works and can move freely to kind of reassure me that the bolt couldn't be inside anything too important.

    So I put the printer back together and put it back in the enclosure, powered it up and everything homed ok! Phew! but where was the blooming bolt? I knew it was inside something because of the sound it made...

    Anyway it had gone midnight and with work tomorrow I decided to leave it for the night. I finished putting the printer away and the drill and bits. I then started putting all the screwdriver heads back into my screwdriver set and one head wouldn't drop into it's slot!!

    Bingo, the little blighter had found its way into the smallest nook and cranny possible - how do they always do that??
    And as always - it was the last place I looked!

    Anyway, I can go to bed a happy chappy now..


    (p.s. there should be a 'random' category for fun conversations)

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