New Router - Need Help

  • Hi, and yes I have read previous posts on this subject...

    I have a new router and I am having trouble connecting my Duet to it.

    I am on 1.15c firmware.

    I can see the Duet as open in my available networks.

    I get to the page that says Select Your WiFi Network.

    However, it shows no networks...just WiFi password box and Duet host name box.

    My issues are compounded because I cannot seem to connect to the Duet to my PC because I cannot find it on a com's port...

    Yes, I am not very computer literate and must be missing some simple steps...

    Can anyone help?


  • administrators

    Perhaps your router isn't providing a 2.4GHz network, or it is but the SSID is hidden?

    Is your PC showing an "Unknown device" in Device Manager or equivalent?


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