Warning: VIN under-voltage event (7.5V)

  • Hi
    today I powered Duet Wifi with a 2.5A USB power, removed the int 5V jumper and have a switch on the 24V PSU.
    When I power up 24V and do for example home x , it homes but gives this warning

    G28 X
    Warning: VIN under-voltage event (7.5V)

    whilst Vin on the WEB page states 23.7V..............................

    I have this in my config.g that could be related.......I haven't seen this before
    running 1.21

    disconnecting the 5V/USB and plugging it in fixes it

  • administrators

    That's not surprising if you are providing both USB and 24V power. The config.g file will be executed as soon as USB power is supplied, and without 24V power it will fail.

    We advise not to put any movement or heating commands in config.g. Having a printer move or heat up as soon as it is powered on is IMO unsafe. Use a macro to do heating, homing etc. instead, or do it in your slicer start script or in start.g.

  • I think you misunderstood
    -I have USb power on , and removed the internal 5V jumper, so the duet starts up but I don't have movement or heating or anything that requires 24V in the config.g
    Actually I forgot to paste something in my post
    I have this in my config.g
    M911 S22.5 R23.5 P"M913 X0 Y0 G91 M83 G1 Z3 E-5 F1000"
    which causes the event when I turn off the 24V I guess..and for some reason this event hangs after 24V comes up again.
    I perform home (G28 X) with the 24V on
    It doesn't always happen when cycling 24V

  • administrators

    The M911 command shouldn't have any effect when you power down the printer unless it is printing at the time. OTOH if you remove the 24V power and keep the 5V power on, you will always get an under voltage event recorded. I have it on my list to suppress this event if the power down occurred directly after executing M81.

  • Ok and the event is not always reset when Vin gets over the set voltage again?

  • administrators

    When the voltage is restored, the power is reset and the motors should work again. Are you finding something different?

  • no they work OK.I just got this warning on every move..so x,y,z move but I get the warning as stated in the first post....I restarted (5V) the duet and haven't been able to reproduce it again.....I'll try again tomorrow.......

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