Under-voltage event (9.5v) power supply issue?

  • Hi,
    Finally got my printer up and printing great, but now I have a big issue. I’m running a 12v power supply and lately it has shown 12 volts on the vin sensor upon startup, but as time goes by it slowly falls down. Once it hits 9.5 volts I get an undervoltage event and can not move or heat the printer.
    The question is, is this an issue with the power supply or is it an issue with the board? If it is a power supply issue, what power supply stats do you guys recommend if I want to stay 12 volt?

  • What kind of connectors are you using for the power wires at the Duet? Do you have a voltmeter to confirm that the voltages the Duet is reporting is correct?

    Post what size and wattage your bed heater is and we could recommend a PSU.

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    Check that the VIN terminal block screws are still tight and do no show any signs of charring. Also check the power wires at the other end where they connect to the power supply. Make sure that the wires don't get hot when the Duet is running, in particular when the bed heater is running at full power.

    If your mains voltage is 110V/120V, check whether the PSU has a 240V/120V input voltage selector switch, and if so that it is set to the correct position (don't move it with mains power connected!).

    If all those check pass, you need a new PSU. See https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Choosing_the_power_supply.

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