Print outside bed probe area?

  • Hi,

    I've got bed probe issues that I need to solve, but until then what happens if you print outside the bed probe area? Does it maintain the nearest correction or jump back to zero correction?

    Likewise can you specify correction points rather than use the grid correction?

    I would like to print beyond my original 300x300 area. I've a 350x350 surface (oversize to reduce cold spots near edge), but have a couple of cap heads I'd need to avoid probing or printing on. Likewise I could do with avoiding a couple of areas to avoid a lead screw - hot end collision!


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    It extrapolates the average X and Y tilt it found to the area outside the bed.

    You can specify correction points manually if you edit the heightmap.csv file. Values of zero with no decimal point indicate that the point was not probed, and you can put your own figure for the required height correction there instead.

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