Web Access Issue After Print Complete

  • I have had a Duet Wifi for a few weeks now without any issues. However I have run into an issue where I start a print normally. During the print I am able to view the status of the print without issues. My prints complete without issues as the last step in my print is to home x and turn off the heater. However as soon as the print is completed I cannot access the web interface. Rebooting the Duet solves the problem.

    One other oddity that I have noticed is related to my bltouch. It works perfectly in the homing step but when the printer starts printing it starts flashing. The probe does not deploy or do anything else. I do not know if this coincides with the above issue.

    Can anyone advise where to start trouble shooting?

  • administrators

    What error message does DWC give you when it disconnects? Are you running latest stable firmware (1.21)?

  • I am running 1.19. Should I upgrade to 1.21?

    For the error message is that the red AJAX message that pops up on the screen?

  • administrators

    Yes. DWC 1.21 and firmware 1.21 provide better error messages.

  • That is really wierd. I updated to 1.21 and the problem stopped happening. If I see it again I will post the error message.

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