Z Probe and Z max endstop

  • Hi,
    Currently I use the Z Probe is Z min end stop and home on that. However I understand that this makes the exact position of the max endstop inaccurate since zmin is the Z Probe and that can be change when the bed height, for whatever reason like different temp, warp etc, has changed. Then I need to measure the position of the Z max switch by moving the bed to Z max etcetc

    However when I would use Z max to home and after that would perform a G29, due to effect on the bed mentioned above, it could be that a probed points have an offset i.e.none would be in z=0. But that wouldn't really be a problem.. Would it? Since compensation will just move the whole print with that offset...

    Is that correct? I just trying to get my head around how to handle the variance between the fixed Z max and probed zmin... Or am I overthinking this?

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    When you home to Z max with G28 Z , it will assume z0 is exactly the axis distance away from the endstop.
    When you probe Z with G30, it will move to the bed until triggered and set Z0 exactly.

    So before starting a print, do a G30 and Z0 will be correct.

  • O yes of course..cool..thanks

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