Mini IR sensor board

  • Hello Duet 3D team !

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your (huge !) contribution to the world of reprap.

    It was suggested to contact you on the duet3D page for technical informations.

    I've bought a mini IR differential sensor board from duet3d on the 16/11/2017. I've been using it with pleasing results since then. I plan to switch to the smart effector that I also bought, and to use the mini IR differential sensor board in another printer. It seems to have a very strange bug. The board now triggers 40mm above bed, very unreliably, and then, have a second good triger about 1/2mm above bed.

    I made a video of the problem

    I previously contacted David on the reprap forum and told me I should ask for a replacement...

    I'm not sure the forum is the best way to do this, but it was suggested on your website to use the forum rather than email...

    Anyway, I love your products


  • administrators

    If you bought it from Duet3D then please email info at duet3d dot com.

  • Oh, thank you, that's what I will do 🙂

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