Fluctuating temperature

  • I am running wifi firmware 1.16, wifi web server 1.03 and web interface 1.13 and have noticed that my nozzle temperature is fluctuating between 195.6 and 198.2 with it set to 197.
    I am printing a large print with a 0.4 nozzle, layer height of 0.3 and print speed of 3800 and wondered if my 12 volt heater was coping with this throughput but having watch very closely I can not see any connection that is accounting for this wild difference.

    Any ideas of how to solve this?

    Would the following be useful to other users? If so I'll raise a feature request.
    It would be handy if instead of the Extruder Drives information duplicating the filamant Usage, it displayed the current filament speed.

  • administrators

    If the temperature oscillates even when the print head isn't moving, increase the dead time in the M307 command.

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