Teknic ClearPath SDSK motors and Duet w/expansion board

  • I am designing a machine and before I purchase motors and control boards, I'd like to know that the Duet can control the Teknic motors. I have spent hours reading this and other forums. I have found lots of posts by people that have the motors running with some other board, and they are planning to upgrade to a Duet, but I have not found any examples or posts saying anyone has done it. If there is a build that someone can point me to that would be greatly appreciated.

    I've read through the External Stepper motor drives WIKI and know that it should work using the expansion board. If I want additional I/O that are available on the Duex2, I will have to take the 3.3V signals and boost them with external drive ICs such as 74HCT04. Has anyone done it?

    Thank you!

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