Bed leveling documentation again - probe offsets

  • The wiki has a list here of 'Probing related G-code'.

    For each entry in the list (and in the G-code docs), it would be useful to have stated how coordinates supplied for that code work with the probe offset from the nozzle, plus caveats 🙂

    For example, I think G30 automatically accounts for the probe offset for coordinates supplied with the command. The caveat is that G1 does not, so in homeall. or homez.g if you want to home somewhere related to the bed leveling process, you need to account for the probe offsets explicitly (or should the home*.g files be using G30 with coordinates?).

    On the other hand, it seems like M557 does not account for the probe offsets (since I just probed off the bed generating a mesh 🙂 ).

    I'm happy to try to put the info in the right places in the wiki, but would like if someone can put down the correct answers first, as I am not clear on all of it.

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    G30 with no XY coordinates probes the bed without changing the XY position of the print head. All other probing commands (i.e. G30 with coordinates, and G29 which uses the mesh coordinates) account for the probe XY offset.

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