Upload and Print not working, file not found.

  • So after I updated the firmware for my wifi I'm getting an odd error. When I click the upload and print button, it uploads the file to the /gcode folder on the SD card, but I get an error saying cannot print file - file can't be found. If i click on the gcode tab on the web interface the file is there, and I can hit print from there and it prints fine. Chris can you help me out to fix this? Seems like whatever line points to the SD Card got fudged on my upgrade.

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    Which version of DWC are you using? I recall that one of the beta versions had this problem.

  • Firmware 1.16rc2 (2016-11-05)
    WiFi Server Version: 1.02
    Web Interface Version: 1.13-rc1

    I believe you're on a new firmware version, so I'll try updating everything in a bit with the newest ones and see if it fixes it and report back.

  • there was a bug in DWC 1.13RC1 IIRC upgrade to the full 1.13 and also FW 1.17dev? Whatever the latest is 7 IIRC make sure you do the FW first followed by the WiFi server then the DWC

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