Z probe on non Duet control board.

  • Printer, Anycubic Kossell Linear Plus.
    Board, Trigorilla.
    Ok, so the smart effector is assembled, fans working hotend coming to temperature lights working etc. Now, the Duet instructions say that the piezzo/pressure side will work with 3 wires, the 4th wire being for programming from a Duet Wi Fi board. Would I be right in assuming it will work the same as similar z probes on the 3 wires ( 3.3V gnd and z output)?
    As each limit switch connector has 2 sets of 3 pins on the stock Trigorilla board, can I connect the probe to one set of pins and leave the other set connected to the Z limit switch for Z homing. Both will not be in use at the same time..... Or have I gone barking mad to even think of such a thing. Finally, I will have to delve into the firmware, Marlin 1.1.8 . Any suggestions as to what leveling settings to use? Duet instructions only give guidence for their firmware.....

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    The Smart Effector should work with your board connected as you describe provided that the endstop input that you connect it to doesn't have a low value pull-up resistor and/or an LED connected to it. Be careful to get the Vcc and ground connections the right way round. 5V power is ok.

    I can't help you with Marlin settings for bed probing.

  • Hi, many thanks, all working nicely, I found a version of Marlin configured for piezo Z probe. Just had to invert Z min and alter rod length. Most impressive when working. A nice addition to my Linear plus.

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