Extra stepper homing switch configuration

  • haven't found confirmation by search, but hopefully easy to confirm...

    by the documentation, adding an extra stepper on an axis of a large machine, you can set the endstop pin. can I assume that when homed each stepper will drive until their own separate stop switches?... for the absurd example, if the gantry can be wildly out of square until homed, that the homing process with a switch on each stepper would will square it up and allow for adjustment (by tweaking the switches).

    am making a thing that would be more easy to set up each side of the axis itself rather than mechanically trying to make it so it always remains square even when turned off. just curious as to the options available.


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    The usual solution to doing this on the Duet is to split the two Z motors during homing into Z and U axes. Then you can home both these axes together. The U axis endstop switch is connected to the E0 endstop connector.

  • many thanks for the info, you're a gentleman and a scholar!

    will get to building some stuff and see how much of a mess I can get myself into...

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