Dual PSU

  • Hi everyone,

    I bought months ago a Duet 3d wifi .
    I have 2 PSU and I want to use it if possibile. (1 for bed 1 for duet)
    I read that Duet has a single power input but at this link:


    inside the power section:

    If your RAMPS system has two separate PSUs and you do not wish to use a single PSU instead, then connect the bed heater and its PSU as follows:

    One bed heater wire to the BED- pin on the Duet bed heater terminal block
    Other bed heater wire to the +ve output of the bed heater PSU
    -ve output of the bed heater PSU to the -ve side of the VIN terminal block (marked GND) (the -ve input from the main power supply goes here too).
    Do not connect the bed heater PSU +ve output to the Duet.

    is talking about RAMPS but can I use my Duet? (because I see that the steps are talking about connecting the wire to Duet )



  • You should be able to connect both negatives of the power supply's together directly on the negative of the board.
    Then one or both of the positives on the heaters to the matching power supply, as with most controllers the Duet will switch the ground connection so it will still control correctly.

  • thx Kezat

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