No Chamber heater in web interface

  • Hi All,

    I am trying to set up a chamber heater on my FDM with control via an SSR to 230v heaters. I would like to use the bed heater/themistor connections. I haven't hooked the AC up yet as I cant seem to be able to monitor the temperature via the web interface ( I have a Panel Due but the chamber heater is not supported on that at the moment). If I configure the chamber heater to use E2 heater and thermistor then this is displayed as chamber heater 3 as expected (I have 2 hot ends) in the web interface. Is there a way to use the bed heater/thermistor and also view the chamber heater temperature in the web interface?

    Many thanks


    PS I am using the online firmware configurator tool.

  • administrators

    Before configuring the chamber heater to be Heater 0, did you disable the bed heater using M140 H-1 ?

  • ah, no I didn't.
    Will try that.
    Many thanks



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