Smart-effector and PT100

  • HI,

    I have a smart-effector and I'm trying to use a PT100 with a daughter board.

    I connected the PT100 to the smart-effector ( label TEMP 2-pin black Microfit 3) and connected on smart-effector ( second and third pin) to the daughter board ( RTD1 - pin 2 and 3 ).

    is that correct?
    I checked many times and for me is ok but I have this error :

    Error: Temperature reading fault on heater 1: sensor hardware error


    this is the firmware:
    RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet Version 1.21 dated 2018-03-21

    I tried to change PT100 ( i had 2 ) and the result was the same.

    Can anyone hel me pls?


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    As you are using a 2 wire PT100 connection, have you fitted the 2 jumpers to the daughter board?

    Have you configured it correctly in the M305 P1 command?

  • 0_1524244062739_db.jpg

    I left the 2 jumper but never user M305 P1 command.

  • this is the result of command:

    Heater 1 uses PT100 (MAX31865) sensor channel 201, 2/4 wires, reject 50Hz, reference resistor 400 ohms

  • in config.g file I changed the commant do :

    M305 P1 X200

    but same result

  • 0_1524248997359_heater2.JPG

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    Was your PT100 board supplied with a 100 ohm resistor? If so, connect it between pins 2 and 3 of the daughter board terminal block in place of the wires to the effector. It should give you a reading of 0C.

  • yes, was supplied.

    I connected to the same pins used ( 2 and 3 ) and this is the result:


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    1C is close enough to 0C because the resistor we supply has a tolerance of 1%. So either there is a break in the wiring somewhere, or the PT100 itself is faulty. If you have a multimeter, I suggest you measure the resistance of the PT100 and work towards the Duet from there. At room temperature it should be a little over 100 ohms.

  • I'm very lucky ..... I measured the resistance of PT100...and no value... (I used the same for the resistance supplied that is 100.8 ohms)

    Great...never used and faulty....I'll ask to e3d a warranty replacements if possible...

  • I measured the other PT100 and the resistance was around 100 ohms.

    Oh yes ! Works!

    Now I changed with this one and it works! ...


    Thx for the support!! Really!!

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