DuetWifi CNC Control

  • I have a duetwifi and expansion header that I plan on using to drive a Openbuilds Mini Mill CNC machine
    as a test platform. I will be loading the latest firmware currently available. 1.21RC

    Gcode output from Fusion 360

    I assume i just load gcode via the DWC on the DuetWifi.
    Is there a way to communicate with the Duetwifi using Mach3/Mach4 or some other interface for manual control?

  • Definitely not Mach

    Try CNCjs in Marlin mode. It mostly works. CNCjs is available as a stand-alone executable, or a split server/client pair. The server part, or the "all-in-one-desktop" part, interfaces with the USB on the Duet. No network support available at this time.


    P.S. Rumor has it that a dedicated "Duet/RepRap" tab, including network, for CNCjs is on the way.

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