PanelDue touch activated in other areas than where touching!

  • Hi Guys,

    Not really an important issue, as when touching on the on-screen buttons, the buttons response is as expected, but today discovered by accident that touching in OTHER areas activates some buttons as if I was touching there - not sure whats up, if it is expected behaviour, or if I have mounted the screen too firmly (it is mounted in ABS, so do not think it can be overly tightened!), or if there may be a fault, or something else..

    Opinions welcomed! 😉


  • administrators

    If you touch close to a button then the button may be activated; but if you touch an area that is not close to any buttons then nothing should happen.

    You may want to re-run the touch calibration. With resistive touch panels like the PanelDue, touching the screen with the tip of your fingernail is more precise than using the pad of your finger.

  • @dc42
    ok, I'll try that monday... I generally use a fingernail, but when have to use the screen more, as seen, I use a piece of filament with the tip melted into a rounded blob 😉


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