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  • Hi,
    I'm interested in using the Duet board for a couple of ooznest Ox CNC's

    The stepper motors are rated for around 2.8A, from what I can tell the TMC2660 drivers can provide 2.5A without heatsinks
    or up to 3A with heatsinks / fan (and removing the software limitation)
    For the end stops I plan to use a custom buffer board to some inductive proximity sensors (blue tipped ones from china)

    I was wondering

    Does anyone know if the duet board firmware works with chilipeppr?
    Usually chilipeppr is used with grbl or tinyg/g2core
    It also uses returned data from the board to plot the head on a webgl view but I think that differs between different board firmwares
    I've seen someone mention they've tried with it so far

    I'm also interested Offsets (G54 through G59.9) Global Offset (G92)
    also spindle control (via RS485)

    Many Thanks

  • Chilipeppr does not directly support Duet3D/RepRap boards at this time. Chilipeppr would need a "workspace" that either directly supports Duet3D/RepRap, or is "Close Enough". The TinyG workspace is nowhere close... the GRBL workspace might work, maybe a little, I have not tried it. Chilipeppr does make it extremely simple to "fork" and develop... if you wish to create a Duet3D workspace.

    CNCjs works with Duet3D when CNCjs is set to "Marlin" mode, and connected via USB. CNCjs can run in "browser/server" or "all-in-one-desktop" modes. However, at this time, running in "Marlin" mode when really connected to a Duet3D, it does not display Work vs. Machine coordinates correctly, and a couple of other things, making attempting to use any offsets very frustrating.

    Rumor has it there is a CNCjs 'tab' being developed at this time, for the purpose of directly and correctly supporting Duet, and supporting network connectivity. No date, yet.

    And, last thought: Support for G54, etc. was enhanced SIGNIFICANTLY in R1.20, be sure you are running either 1.20 or 1.21 if you do use offsets.

  • thanks for the info

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