Bed Levelling Ormerod2

  • Hi All,

    I've just built my second Ormerod 2 but it has been a long while since I levelled the bed on my first in 2014!

    Currently setting up the machine as standard and then plan to swap to a second hand dc42 differential IR sensor. The results of a standard 4 point probe have shown that the bed is low in two diagonally opposing corners and high in the other two. Is this twist of the linear rods relative to the y axis rail? To correct this is it as crude as loosen the bolts on one end twist a bit and try again?

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    Yes, twist like that on the Ormerod is normally caused by the two linear rods not being quite parallel. You can loosen the bolts and twist a bit, or you can print a new end piece with built-in twist adjustment. Here's one example:

  • Thanks. Wanted to check before piling on. I'll print the alternative idlers once the machine is running. Intend to enclose it and mount electronics separate. I am thinking a re-purposed mini (shuttle style) pc case should work great.

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