G10 Z offset still seems to be ignored for physical positioning

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    I have an IDEX with a different nozzle height on the U carriage.

    Like the original poster in the referenced thread of last year, I have found that even though the current reported Z position changes in the DWC status, the physical Z height does not change to reflect the offset.

    Issuing a Z positioning with G1 still goes to the original Z co-ordinate (I set the G10 Z offset to 50mm as a test and it happily went all the way to the bed when I selected T1 and then did G1 Z0 F300, while then, after the move, displaying 50.0 mm Z height as the current position on the web page).

    Was this bug thought to have been fixed yet?

  • I've used G10 on a duet v0.6 and DuetWifi without any major issues on firmware releases 1.17 ish onwards to the current 1.21. Current release of the web control takes a move to correct the reported position to the corrected position whereas earlier releases did this automatically. The tool needs to be selected.

    I use it as follows.

    • Send "G10 P0 Z0" to remove T0 offset.
    • Heat up the bed. (Leave to heat soak)
    • Run a bed level correction mesh probe.
    • Heat up the nozzle. (Leave a short while)
    • Check nozzle height with a piece of paper and then send "G10 P0 Z[-1 * nozzle height result]

    Not had issues with the above recently other than the following:

    • Nozzle height tested to be on the paper at for instance z = 0.2.
    • Send "G10 P0 Z-0.2"
    • Web control continues to report z=0.2.
    • Send "G1 Z0" and axis does not move but web control updates to new position.

    DC42 has aknowledged the above as one of the things on his to check list.

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    If you adjust the tool offsets with G10, the new offset will be taken into account at the next move. This behaviour is intentional.

    In firmware 1.21, when you send G10 the displayed user position is not immediately updated to reflect the new coordinate origin. In firmware 2.0beta2 it is.

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