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  • Just thought I would give you guys some feed back on the new board. I am putting it in a new printer I have just about finished building. Wiring was a breeze only needed to look at the diagram for a couple connections to make sure I had them right one being the heat bed connection there was no polarity screened onto the top of the board (minor issue but the only one I ran into). The setup of the wifi was great, very simple and easy to do for a home network. I have not printed anything yet as I am still waiting on a couple parts for the bed. But I have tested all the movements and the drivers are great, 1/32 microsteps with 0.9* steppers looks very smooth. Very quiet. Everything looks to work as it should. Very happy with it at this point. I had it connected for about an hour whilst I was playing around and sorting things out and never had any connection problems, my router being on a lower level and other side of my house. I set it up with the 1.13 firmware and seen the "dance" I had been reading about. Updated to the 1.14 firmware and have not seen it since. The one thing I did notice is when I heated up my hotend, I set the temp to 100 just to see if it would work before heating right up. The temp shot rapidly to about 150 (within seconds) and fell from there back to 100? I have not done any heating since. I made sure my thermistors are reading correctly, not sure what would cause that. Again, so far looking very good, great work.

  • So I just had an issue, I was making changes to my config file via the web interface. I had done some auto cal routines to lock in my numbers. Got a good calibration so I was changing numbers in the config file. I applied settings and it asked me if I wanted to reset like it is supposed to but after I did this I could not connect. So i did a power cycle and still nothing. So I closed my browser and tried again, and also tried another device and nothing. So I got the USB out and checked it out via pronterface. It connected but when I tried sending commands it would either not execute or send back info that was incorrect. eg. motor currents being zero or no endstop offsets when I know I had just entered some. So after awhile I figured there was something wrong with the config file so I popped out the sd card and opened up the config file and it was blank. So I copied over one of the other config files from the card reconnected and it works. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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    It sounds like saving the config file failed, but I've no idea why that should happen. Are you able to upload gcode files?

    Regarding your previous message about the heater overshooting by 50C within a few seconds, it sounds to me that either the temperature is reading incorrectly, or your hot heater is way too powerful. Are you by any chance using a 12V heater with a 24V power supply?

  • Yes I am using 24v and it's quite possible it's a 12v heater. I bought it from China, it's supposed to be a 24 v but, I don't think it is either, I have a 24v heater on order right now to change it out. The thermistor reads correctly vs my other printers at room temp. I can upload files, I just finished my first test print on the printer. Like I said I copied one of the other configs that were on the sd and loaded up the web interface. I then took all the numbers I had written down and changed the config in the web interface, and saved it, and it worked absolutely fine. I have not noticed any other problems. When the printer gets reset there is always a timeout error that comes up a few seconds afterward. If I had hit disconnect and reconnect before that error came up would that have caused the issue? That is the only thing I think I could have done.

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    You can work out the heater power if you have a multimeter. Disconnect the heater and measure its resistance. Divide the resistance into 144 to get the power when cold at 12V. The power at 24V will be 4 times greater. Hot end heater power is normally in the range 25 to 40W.

  • Yes, this is true resistance is around 4 so definitely a 12v 40W heater. Thank You David.

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