Resolved - unfounded suspicion that G1 R2 resets baby stepping

  • As title. I just had a failed print but it could well have been for a couple of reasons. Essentially, I used baby stepping to adjust the first layer which is something I rarely do. This particular print has a horizontal stripe in a different colour to the main body. For that to happen, I change to a different tool to print the stripe. The print failed because of poor interlayer adhesion at the boundary between the main body and the stripe. It wasn't a complete failure but the part is very weak and would easily break at that boundary point. Holding that part up to the light, I can see daylight between the layers at this boundary. At a guess, I'd say it's about 0.1mm which happens to correspond to the amount of baby stepping I used at the start. I can't see anything amiss with the gcode file - all the layer heights look correct. Unfortunately, I had closed DWC before checking the Z height so I can't be sure that the baby stepping was reset at the tool change point.

    For this particular print, when I change tool, I do a purge which involves moving the head to the back of the bed, "squirting" some filament into a bucket, wiping the nozzle, then returning from whence it it started using G1 R2 X0 Y0 Z0 F21000. I can't be sure but if that command reset the baby stepping, (or simply changing tool) then that would explain the behaviour.

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    In firmware 1.21 and 2.0beta, babystepping is not changed or reset by any commands other than M291. In some older versions, babystepping is reset when you Z home the printer.

  • Thanks. I just created a quick and dirty test to check and can confirm that my suspicion was unfounded. Baby stepping is indeed unaffected by G1 R2 commands.
    Edit. Just changed the title to reflect this.

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