Duet says it's done printing but my part says otherwise…

  • As the subject says, about 5 of 167 layers into this print, my printer stopped motion and the g-console says it finished printing. The printer did no home and just left the nozzle at the print surface. The nozzle temp and bed temp stayed active also. I have printed this part a couple times and have had no issue in the past. Only real change to this time was going from a .3 layer height to a .15. This file was uploaded using the web interface and then selected from the g-code files selection for printing. Not sure a good place to post this g-code as the file is about 6mb.


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    It sounds to me that either the file was truncated, or there was a problem reading it from the SD card. Things to check:

    • Were any error messages visible on the GCode Console page of DuetWebControl?
    • Does the file size reported by DWC agree with the size of the file on the PC that you uploaded?

    With some slicers, it is easy to upload the gcode file before the slicer has finished writing it.

  • Well, there were no error messages, went straight from my calibration results to saying the file was done. The file size on the upload is the same as on my desktop, I validated that there was no truncation by downloading it from the duet and looking at the last lines..

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