What do the M672 aaaa:bbbb parameters do?

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    DUET3D-E, PanelDUE (really useful for simultaneous console messages), and Smart Effector with an authentic E3D/V6 HotEnd. It does something, reliably, aside from the Z-Probe false triggering. Lots of EMF fields around in that gadget...

    So, here's the question. What does the M672 aaaa:bbbb parms do?

    The 'S105' parm I suspect is the command to program the SmartEffector, and I think I get that the bbbb parms set sensitivity, but then what does the aaaa parm do?

    At URL:

    "To program the sensor, send command M672 S105:aaa:bbb replacing aaa by the desired sensitivity and bbb by 255 - aaa. The green LED will flash 4 times if the command is accepted."

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    M105 Szzz:aaa:bbb simply sends zzz:aaa:bbb to the effector. The reason for both aaa and bbb is that the protocol used to send the programming data relies on software bit rate timing without the benefit of a crystal at the Smart Effector end. So the microcontroller on the effector checks that bbb is the binary inverse of aaa before accepting the command, to guard against errors.

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