Using IR Probe on Glass Bed

  • I hope this may help others.
    I use a glass bed on top of an aluminium heated bed with my IR probe. I placed a sheet of matt black paper under the glass but was getting some unexpected and inconsistent height maps, not unworkable but not as good as I expected having checked the bed with a dial gauge. So I have now painted the aluminium matt black and the results are now what I expect every time!
    Can't explain it because the paper was matt and I tested it to make sure it was opaque to IR ( I have experienced that problem with inkjet printed paper, amongst other materials, before).
    If there is a definitive explanation I would be glad to hear it.

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    Interesting, I've not heard of that happening before. Perhaps the black paper wasn't black enough.

    The ideal would be to use black glass, but it seems to be difficult to obtain.

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