End stops for Delta with only 4 wires total?

  • On a delta I would like to minimize the number of wiring going up to the top and down to the end effector. Can I run just one single wire for the GNDs? Actually checking continuity on the board pins it looks as though Z STOP, Y STOP and X STOP are already (connected)? Can I run just one wire say from Z STOP common to all micro switches then the individual grounds for X,Y,and Z to the GNDs on the board?
    Thanks for the help!


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    Yes you can use a common ground wire for all 3 switches, but you should route the other 3 wires to follow that ground wire to avoid inductive noise pickup. So you will need a 4 core cable from the Duet to the first switch. Then from there you can have two 2 core cables, one going to each of the other switches.

  • Thanks DC 42, it started to make much more sense when I got a hold of the right wiring diagram. Somehow I was looking at one that was for the proto-V2 in which had things reversed. Yikes! Thanks for the help!


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