Fabtotum revival

  • Bought a Fabtotum on Kickstarter, received it in 2015, and got my 3D Printing training with it. Good training, since it learned me by practice all the mistakes to avoid as a user, but also all those to avoid as a designer.
    For instance, it stopped using it after the ribbon broke due to trailing on the bed and colliding with printing part. Collecting dust since 2 years since.

    I decided recently to give it a rebirth by changing almost everything except COREXY mechanic, the most valuable thing in FT in my view.

    Removed all guts, including the RPI and heads, printed parts for X end stop, new bowden E3D V6 / TITAN based with most advanced parts, and it worked almost at the 1st run.
    I will now use this as a test platform for new heads, water cooled, TITAN direct drive and more.

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