Stepper config issue

  • So i have setup 3 nema 23's, X,Y,Z
    each running on a Stepper driver DQ542MA
    all configured same.. 1600 microsteps on driver
    using Expansion Header

    X&Y are fine.. by Z only moves 1/10th the amount it should.
    but Steps per mm are same as others

    Steps are set to full steps in config.g

    M584 X5 Y6 Z7 U4 E1:2:3 P3
    M569 P5 S0 R1 T6:6:2.5:2.5 ; X AXIS Drive 5 goes forwards (E2 on Expansion Header)
    M569 P6 S0 R1 T6:6:2.5:2.5 ; Y AXIS Drive 6 goes forwards (E3 on Expansion Header)
    M569 P7 S0 R1 T6:6:2.5:2.5 ; Z AXIS Drive 7 goes forwards (E4 on Expansion Header)

    M350 X1 Y1 Z1 U1 I0 ; Configure microstepping NO interpolation

  • ok. I figured it out.

    Turns out the DQ542MA driver i am using for Z was malfunctioning.
    I swapped it for another one and its working fine now..


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