Can't Update or connect to Wifi with my DuetWifi

  • Hi there,
    im having my difficulties with the Wifi Module lateley.
    All worked fine with the the Firmware 2.0 beta 1-3.
    All on DuetWifiServer 1.21 und DuetWebControl 1.21.
    But suddenly my Duet won't connect to any wifi anymore. So i tried to send M552 S1 over my PanelDue, but all i was reciving was "Error: Failed to initialise WiFi module, code -10".
    So first idea was ok, back up to DuetCombinedFirmware 1.21.
    But this hadn't changed anything, so i tried to update the DuetWifiServer again to 1.21 maybe somthing was corrupted over time, who knows.
    But then the i was shocked, because my paneldue tried to connect to the Wifi Module but it coud not establis a COM connection.

    Oh by the way my Hardwareversion on the DuetWifi is 1.02

    What can i do now?
    What could be causing this problem?


  • administrators

    What is the error message you are getting when you try to install DuetWiFiserver ?

  • "Error:Installation failed due to comm write error"

    But before that i tries to connect at all possible baud rates.

  • administrators

    If your Duet is under warranty, please make a warranty claim. The WiFi module needs to be replaced. See if you purchased it direct from Duet3D.


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