IR Z Probe DC42

  • Hello new member here just made the user but i have been reading of of here for quite awhile now. 🙂

    I'm currently building a HEVO corexy printer and my plan was you use the IR sensor by DC42 but my bed is gonna be PEI.
    In the guide it states that if i paint the back black it would work but it seems like it also triggers on scratches on the surface?

    should i use another sensor or is the IR sensor gonna be fine?
    PEI is 0,8 mm thigh

    people seem to clam that the peizo is extremely good but i haven't been able to find a mount with the piezo and the chimera from e3d

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    Yes the trigger height of the IR sensor can be affected by scratches on the surface of the PEI. The piezo should give more accurate results.

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