Power wiring, using EXT 5V_EN and INT 5V_EN at the same time?

  • Quick question, can I safely provide 5V on 5V_IN with the EXT 5V_EN jumper in place and at the same time use the internal regulator and INT 5V_EN jumper?
    Looking at the schematic it's the same as plugging in the USB cable, which is said to be safe in the documentation.

    Background: I've got a 24V PSU, switched via an SSD on PS_ON, that doesn't have a 5V rail and I'm supplying 5V through an external USB power supply via 5V_IN. I'm a little concerned that the external 5V cable might accidentially get pulled out during a long print job, so relying on the external for powering up the PSU and as soon as the 24V PSU is up safely getting 5V through the internal regulator would prevent that.

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    Yes that should be safe.

  • I've done this now and can confirm it works fine. Thanks for your help!

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