Auto leveling before printing

  • In my slicer I have G32
    But that happens after bed and hotend are at temp, is that ok or should I perform auto leveling before I start the print and remove th ed G32 from my slicer.
    If I should do it that way, is there a way to have the Duetwifi perform auto leveling after I press print.

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    What type of printer is it? Are you performing auto levelling (using multiple leadscrews), auto calibration on a delta printer, or auto bed compensation (for which we recommend G29 instead)?

  • Auto calibration on a delta.

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    That is OK. If you use a fixed bed then it's probably sufficient just to do a single G30 probe near bed centre after heating and before printing to establish an accurate Z=0 level. OTOH if you remove and replace the bed between prints then it's probably a good idea to run at least 4-factor auto calibration before each print - and the simplest way of doing that is to include G32 in the slicer start GCode.

  • For what it is worth... I have a G32 in the start G-Code of my slicer. For this thing:

    alt text

  • Thanks for the input. I'll leave the G32 code in my slicer.

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